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Aeropersonnel Global and EJ partnership announcement

EJ Escola de Aeronáutica Civil is pleased to announce its appointment by AeroPersonnel Global as its exclusive representative for Latin America. EJ Escola de Aeronáutica Civil, in partnership with AeroPersonnel Global, will help Brazilian airline pilots find employment on worldwide flight crew labour markets. It will also provide assistance to Brazilian candidates in preparing, in Brazil, for their interviews and evaluations with foreign airlines. This includes pre-screening as well as post screening assistance such as with premedical exams, preparatory flight training, background check and visa documentation assistance.

In China, as communications are more difficult, AeroPersonnel has established a network of local Chinese representatives to assist its candidates with their screening, when they join their new airline and during their period of service in China.

Many developing countries are seeing a rapid expansion of their air transportation industry. As a result, they are experiencing significant pilot shortages. This is why they rely on foreign pilots to fill the gap and let them continue to grow. This has created intense competition for foreign pilots. For instance, Chinese airlines offer exceptional remuneration to attract foreign pilots join. In certain instances, remuneration can reach up to half a million dollars US per year before tax.

“We are proud to be working with AeroPersonnel Global” indicated Edmir Gonçalves, EJ Escola de Aeronáutica Civil’s CEO. “AeroPersonnel Global is a world class aviation recruitment agency. It is very experienced with international flight crew labour markets, having been in operation for close to 20 years, of which more than 10 years include experience recruiting for Chinese airlines. It is also quite familiar with Brazilian pilots and their high standards. Starting in 2005, it had opportunities to recruit so many of them for its customers in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

“We are thrilled to welcome EJ Escola de Aeronáutica Civil in our worldwide network of representatives” said Andre Allard, AeroPersonnel Global’s president. “This partnership will be of benefits to our Brazilian candidates as it will help them find prime airline employment around the world. It will also benefit candidates by providing them with high quality preparation training and documentation assistance while going through the recruitment process with our customers.”

EJ Escola de Aeronáutica Civil is the largest pilot flight training organization in in Latin America. Founded in 1999, the company has gained recognition as one of the finest educational flight training facilities throughout Latina America. Certified under the Brazilian National Agency of Civil Aviation as an approved pilot school, it operates four bases, Itápolis, Jundiaí, Campo Verde and São Paulo. EJ Aviation Flight School keeps the highest standards of training, with a fleet of 64 aircraft from two-seater trainers to sophisticated multiengine trainers. The fleet also includes aircraft equipped with the latest in digital cockpit avionics. More than 5,000 pilots who trained with EJ are now flying with major domestic and international airlines, agricultural aviation and executive aircraft operations. It offers training from the ab-initio level up to multi-crew training on Airbus A320 and B737 NG flight simulators.

AeroPersonnel Global is an aviation personnel agency specializing in flight crew recruitment and placement. Headquartered in Montréal Canada, the company will celebrate 20 years of operation this coming December. It serves a worldwide customer base and it assists airline pilots around the world. AeroPersonnel has accumulated extensive experience on international flight crew labour markets. Its customer portfolio includes airlines around the world. It has been present in China for more than 10 years starting in 2007. It has been present in Brazil since 2005 and has assisted more than 100 Brazilian pilots to find employment in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

For more information, please contact:

In Brazil, Cmte Josué Torres
Via phone:+ 55 (11) 97090-2700 - EJ/SP +55 (11) 3459-5233
Via email: cmte.torres@ej.com.br
Web site: www.ej.com.br

In Canada, Andre Allard
Via phone: +1-514-979-7322
Via email: andre@aeropersonnel.com
Website: www.aeropersonnel.com

Publicado em 21/11/2017

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